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How to Bet & WIN the SportPesa Mega Jackpot

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If you like betting jackpot then good news Sportpesa have introduce SportPesa Mega Jackpot that  allows you to win bigger with the start amount at ksh. 100,000,000 progressively.(

However, at least unrevealed number of people with 16, 15 , 14, 13 and 12  of the 17 Mega Jackpot games are entitled to get their bonus payout as follow:
16 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 1,111,274/= EACH
15 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 51,766/= EACH
14 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 5,259/= EACH
13 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 2,037/= EACH
12 Correct Predictions – Kshs. 1,022/= EACH

Here are a few overlooked facts that can be observed from a quick SportPesa jackpot analysis:

  1. You must predict correctly all the 13 games to win the SportPesa jackpot. You will also earn handsome bonuses if you make more than 10 correct predictions
  2. Double combination bets are easier to place. This involves making multiple bets at once, instead of repeating single bets. Some of the betting sets are taken as individual bets and are therefore eligible to win the SportPesa jackpot.
  3. Another way to make money through SportPesa is to refer your friends to bet. A SportPesa jackpot analysis shows that you instantly earn a Ksh 100 bonus whenever someone you refer to SportPesa registers, deposits and makes a bet on any SportPesa game.
  4. One team has to win the match, or else the result is a draw. It is common in international football for all home teams to win for a particular weekend. This means that if you keep making many predictions, at some point you will win by chance.
  5. You can win by correctly predicting if both teams will score (or fail to score) at least a goal in their match. A No Goal bet wins if one or both teams does not score a goal.

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SportPesa Mega Jackpot

SportPesa Mega Jackpot