If you win the SportPesa Mega Jackpot this weekend, you could very comfortably afford all the four types of houses available at the posh Sultan Palace residential complex located along 700m of pristine white sandy beach of Kikambala, Kilifi County.

The highly affluent houses targeting the super-rich have been put up for sale by a Chinese developer. The residential complex has four house types comprising villas, town houses and two and three-bedroomed luxurious apartments.

The units range between Ksh80 million and Ksh10 million depending on the type. If you get lucky with the SportPesa jackpot this weekend which currently stands at Ksh198,807,176 you could buy all the four types of houses and remain with Ksh52 million change.

The current Mega Jackpot amount is only Ksh1.2 million away from a high of Ksh200 million which is money that could solve or finance major projects and investments in the country and in the corporate world.

Sample this, in mid-2014 when the tourism industry was struggling to regain its business, this money could have been used to jumpstart the entire industry! In August of that year, the government disbursed Ksh200 million to various market recovery programmes aimed at wooing more visitors to Kenya.

This is the power of Ksh200 million, an amount that many can comfortably retire home with at a young age and live well for the rest of their lives without ever having to lift a finger.

If you open a savings account in the bank with that cash, you are guaranteed at least a seven per cent annual interest rate, as per the existing banking law. This translates to Ksh14,000,000 interest payable per year or Ksh1.16 million per month. A salary of a CEO in many medium sized to big companies.

In other words, you can sleep all day and still earn like a CEO at the end of the month just by having your Mega Jackpot payout sitting in the bank. How cool is that?