mega jackpots prediction

mega jackpots prediction

Joseph Onywera smiled all the way to the bank after he won KSh 800,000 on Sportpesa gambling platform earlier this week in July 2016 – This is after he won KSh 15million on Betway, another gambling platform, in May 2016 – He accredited his winnings to God’s grace and for that, he is involved in a number of charities in his Kisumu hometown They say lightning never strikes one place twice, but for Kisumu’s Betway Jackpot winner Joseph Onywera, this is just a myth. Read more:

mega jackpots prediction

mega jackpots prediction

Hotel worker Peter Byegon has become Kenya’s latest multi-millionaire.

Byegon was on Tuesday named the winner of Sh36,089,533 SportPesa mega jackpot bonus after correctly predicting the outcomes of 16 out of 17 matches.

Byegon, who lives in Uthiru in Nairobi County, becomes the first person to come closest to winning the betting firm’s mega jackpot which currently stands at Sh147,489,366. To win the mega jackpot, one has to correctly predict the outcome of 17 matches.

“I’m very happy given that I have won this cash during Christmas season. I have no major elaborate plans yet but one thing I will do immediately is to shop a bit for Christmas,” said an ecstatic Byegon.

Byegon, a father of one, said he was introduced to gaming by his brother. He had made three unsuccessful attempts to win the mega jackpot. On his fourth attempt, he spent Sh100, making 16 correct predictions to become the winner of the largest amount of money from SportPesa.

The closest anyone has ever come to winning the jackpot was after making 15 correct predictions. SportPesa’s mega jackpot, which was launched in September, started off with Sh100 million and is yet to be won.

The amount keeps increasing weekly until someone wins by correctly predicting the outcome of 17 games.

The company also runs the midweek jackpot games which start at Sh10 million and the amount keeps rising until it is won by correct predictions for 13 games. Right now, the amount stands at Sh16,753,721.

The last jackpot was won at Sh12.6 million early this month by 32-year-old Boda Boda rider Geoffrey Kipng’etich from Nakuru.